June 2011

Investors Hazard Bold Bet on Yuan

From WSJ, The U.S and the International Monetary Fund are pressuring China to let its currency, the yuan, climb in […]

School Daze, School Daze Good Old Golden Rule Days

From Pimco site, By Bill Gross, The past several decades have witnessed an erosion of our manufacturing base in exchange […]

Spring buying boosts home prices in 13 US cities

WASHINGTON (AP) — Home prices in most major U.S. cities are rising for the first time in eight months, boosted […]

Are We Running Out of Silver?

By Jeff Clark, The Daily Reckoning, Silver has been on fire for the last three years – substantially outperforming its spotlight-grabbing […]

Financial Advice Gleaned From a Day in the Hot Seat

by Paul Sullivan, NY Times, When I started writing this column almost three years ago, one of my goals was […]

U.S. and Pakistan: Afghan Strategies

By George Friedman U.S. President Barack Obama will give a speech on Afghanistan on June 22. Whatever he says, it […]

Why Gas Prices Should Be Lower Soon

Oil markets were roiled today when the United States and the International Energy Agency jointly announced that they would release […]

Where Rich Chinese Are Buying Real Estate

From Forbes Blog – Ken Rapoza, Vancouver, London and the big cities down under are second homes of choice for […]

With Ad Sales Doubling, Why is China’s Renren Getting Clobbered?

By Kenneth Rapoza, Forbes Blog, Shares of China’s social network Renren (RENN) are now worth half their May 4 IPO […]

Burbank Contrarian Bets on Saudis Show Why Oil Reality Helps Return 23.6%

By Edward Robinson, Bloomberg, As a hedge-fund manager who thrives on turbulence in the commodities markets, John Burbank couldn’t have […]