May 2011

Housing in double-dip decline as prices fall again

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — U.S. home prices fell in March for the eighth straight month, confirming the beleaguered housing market has […]

Cities that weathered housing bust now suffering

Derek Kravitz and Alex Veiga, AP Business Writers, On Tuesday May 31, 2011, 5:40 pm WASHINGTON (AP) — Even cities […]

OXSTONE FOOD FOR THOUGHT – May 2011 – The rise of private lenders and a contrarian investment idea

By Liu-Yue (Louie) Lam, Co-Founder, Chief Investment Strategist, Oxstone Capital Management, Crisis Leads to New Opportunities Recently, many prominent investors […]

Looking For A High-Tech Job? Try Cotton.

By Adam Davidson, Unemployment is still at 9 percent, leaving more than 12 million Americans without work. But there are […]

The Man Behind Egypt’s Real Estate Rebellion

By Zainab Fattah and Mahmoud Kassem, Bloomberg, Hamdy El Fakhrany didn’t set out to strike a blow against Egyptian government […]

China’s Buffett plays the long game

By Patti Waldmeir,, Guo Guangchang, chairman and founder of Fosun, China’s largest private conglomerate, wants to be like Warren […]

Private Company Markets, Many Opportunities With Many Caveats

From 247WallSt site, When you hear about shares of Facebook, Twitter, Groupon, LinkedIn, Zynga, Pandora, Yelp, and others selling on […]

Are You Confident in Your Financial Game Plan?

By Kerry Shannon   Almost all U.S. households create a financial game plan to ensure that ends meet during inevitable […]

How to Turn a Tidal Wave of Profit From the Global Shipping Industry

By Larry D.  Spears The shipping industry plays an indispensable role in connecting consumers with their most cherished goods. But […]

Steve Austin Revisited – Part I

By Doug Hornig, Casey’s Daily,It was a novel idea back in the mid-1970s, when The Six Million Dollar Man hit the […]