September 2012

Q&A with Wilbur Ross

  by Vyvyan Tenorio  Behind an immense desk in his midtown Manhattan office, Wilbur Ross, hunched over a computer, cuts […]

Power Struggles and Progress in Romania

Bordering the Black Sea in Southeastern Europe, Romania offers visitors a variety of beautiful and dramatic landscapes concentrated in a […]

The Cure to Our Economic Problems

By Mark Cuban, I would hate to be the winning Presidential candidate. Both candidates are delusional  in thinking  their […]

Federal Funds

Federal Funds are excess reserves that commercial banks deposit at regional Federal Reserve banks. Federal funds can then be lent […]

Balkan Emerging Frontiers Fund September Investment Commentary

Following noticeable growth in June and July, value of indices of large stock exchanges in developed countries (MSCI World Index, […]

China’s Sizzling Internet Offers Moneymaking Opportunities

The People’s Republic of China has a population of over 1.3 billion people and a rapidly growing consumable-hungry middle class […]

Oil law committee members named law committee members named

Stocks Hold Gains, Led by Techs; Spain in Focus

(CNBC) Stocks were off their highs Thursday, pressured by a batch of weaker-than-expected economic reports, but hopes the Chinese government […]

9 Reasons to Move into Emerging Markets

By Jeff Reeves, Editor of, Everyone is worried about the rally — will it last? Can the 15% gain […]

The Art and Science of Rebalancing

Ever since Harry Markowitz formulated his nobel-prize winning Modern Portfolio Theory,  portfolio optimization became a science.  MPT’s mean-variance algorithm allows […]