April 2011

Why Investors Stopped Worrying About Japan

For all the talk about animal spirits, the stock market can be a cold-blooded beast.   Take Japan. The situation […]

China set to unearth shale power

By Aizhu Chen, Reuters, YUANBA, China (Reuters) – China has spent tens of billions of dollars buying into energy resources […]

Russian construction industry is set to resume growth

Whereas Russia’s economy is believed to have recovered already from the crisis, the construction industry is set to resume growth […]

Flying High

By Sharon Kahn, Chazen Global Insights, Government-owned companies in China have profited mightily their country’s burgeoning middle class. In recent […]

Significant recovery in the Polish construction industry

After the weaker growth seen in 2009-2010, the year 2011 is forecast to bring a significant recovery in the construction […]

China’s 9.7% GDP–No Easy Answer n Inflation

China’s GDP rose 9.7% in the first quarter. The nation’s consumer prices rose 5.4% in March compared to the same […]

The World’s Hottest Real-Estate Market?

by Brett Arends, Market Watch, Is this the biggest bubble in the world? I hesitate to use the overplayed word […]

Value added and multimedia services in Poland 2011

A vast majority of revenues on the market of fixed and mobile telephony in Poland is generated, and will be […]

Bad Education

By Malcolm Harris, From site,   The Project On Student Debt estimates that the average college senior in 2009 […]

Comparative analysis of pharmaceutical distribution across Central Europe in 2011

The report contains the detailed characteristic of distribution on the pharmaceutical market in six Central European countries: Poland, Hungary, Romania, […]