July 2015

Winning the Hunger Games – How to Choose Successful Agriculture Investments

By Energy Report, Agricultural Commodities, Starting with the premise that people have to eat, The Agletter Editor Tom Wallace has […]

What a Million-Dollar Home Looks Like Around the World

1. MONACO   $1 million buys 162 square feet of luxury property 2. HONG KONG $1 million buys 221.7 square […]

How Cinnamon Can Control Your Blood Sugar

by Brad Hoppmann Slowly and secretively, your blood-sugar levels can creep up. When that happens, you might notice that you feel […]

Absurd Gold Stock Levels

By: Zeal_LLC Gold stocks suffered a full-blown panic this past week!  This exceedingly-rare magnitude of selloff was triggered by extreme futures […]

The Rise of the Renminbi: Will China’s Yuan Become a Global Reserve Currency?

By Mark Mobius, Franklin Templeton Blog, In recent months, China has stepped up a longstanding campaign for its currency (officially […]

Small Is Beautiful for Hedge Funds in a Crisis, U.K. Study Finds

By Will Wainewright, Bloomberg, Smaller hedge funds outperform larger ones, especially during times of market turmoil, research published by London’s […]


   BY MICHAEL COLE    Blackstone’s Jonathan Gray was sharing what he learned at a conference in New York last week […]

Performance Reviews

The annual reviews of employees’ performance have worked as an integral part of standard business procedures. In our age of […]

How to read a 10-K like Warren Buffett

If you think you can be a great investor, you’d better enjoy working with one of the principal tools of […]

Learning to Love Volatility

I’m really enjoying reading Nassim Taleb’s new book Antifragile. It’s really changing how I view the world. An adapted piece from […]