April 2012

The Missing 13th Floor

By Chris Mayer, Daily Reckoning, “About eight years ago, I was going down the elevator of a hotel in Las […]

Poland’s reimbursement act will affect pharma market profits

The pharmaceutical market in Poland has anxiously waited for the reimbursement act to take effect in January of this year. […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Annuities

Advantages of Annuities Annuities are among the most unique types of investments available, and there are many reasons why investors […]

Global Investment Performance Standards

Many investment management firms tout that they are GIPS Compliant. So what is GIPS, and why would a firm voluntarily […]

ETFs Provide Exposure to Emerging-Markets Growth and Risk

By Maureen Nevin Duffy Van Eck’s latest emerging-markets exchange-traded fund is strategically timed but not without risk, analysts say. Based […]

Yes, They Do: Low Interest Rates Do Make Stocks Cheap

By ChuckCarnevale, Value, Introduction: Pessimism Is For Losers I’m inspired to write this article because I am so frustrated […]

The India-China Rivalry by Robert D. Kaplan

By Robert D. Kaplan, Stratfor, As the world moves into the second decade of the 21st century, a new power […]

Late to the Game? How to Ramp Up Retirement Investing in Your 40s and 50s

By Rachel Koning Beals | U.S.News & World Report LP Maybe you looked in the mirror this morning and found […]

First signs of recovery on the Polish HoReCa market

The year 2011 marked a turning point for the Polish HoReCa market, which showed the first signs of recovery since […]

Improvement observed in development of Polish HoReCa market

Hotel gastronomy, restaurants and catering providers experienced record growth during 2007-8. Economic conditions forced a contraction in the market in […]