September 2010

Steve Forbes Predicts US Dollar Will Link to Gold

By: Julie Crawshaw Forbes CEO Steve Forbes foresees a new link between the U.S. dollar and gold. “I’ll make a […]

Behind the China-Japan feud

It was ostensibly about a captured fishing-boat captain. But the conflict between the Asian economic giants went far beyond that […]

Best September since 1939

By Mark Hulbert, MarketWatch CHAPEL HILL, NC (MarketWatch) — What a September it’s turning out to be! With only two […]

Chinese Developers Tap Into Japanese Insecurity

MISASA, Japan — A plan by Chinese real estate developers to invest in this little mountain town has opened a […]

Winning Trader vs. Losing Trader Traits

Aiming for the Right Target in Trading By Walter T. Downs When trading goes right, it can be a great […]

Horse Racing Betting Secrets Can Help Alot

One of the best books we’ve ever read on stock market speculation was actually written about betting on horse races. […]

Marc Faber: The Fed Is Creating Dangerous Bubbles Around The World, And Stocks Will Tank In October

By Joe Weisenthal – Business Insider The original merchant of doom Marc Faber has a good, wide-ranging interview with the […]

Counting from one to two in China—a bigger leap than it seems

by Elizabeth C. Economy – Council on Foreign Relations Something is afoot with China’s one-child policy, but no-one seems entirely […]

Brainy Quotes for You

STOCK MARKET QUOTES Success in stock market is being 90% right 70% of the time. Don’t confuse brains with the […]

John Paulson Lecture: “Bonds Are Wrong, Stocks Are Right”

Submitted by Tyler Durden on Zero Hedge John Paulson is now ‘all in’ that for the first time in history […]