May 2012

As China Slows, Watch for Public Housing to Accelerate

By Michael Cole, Mingtiandi,  Since China gradually began pumping the brakes on an overheated housing market two years ago it has […]

China Tops Global Online Retail, U.S. Left Behind

By Douglas A. McIntyre, From 247 Wallst site, China’s Ministry of Commerce told the nation’s official news agency, Xinhua, that […]

Polish construction market poised to grow 5% in 2012

The Polish construction market will continue to show strong performance in 2012 in terms of the value of projects completed. […]

The Big Mac Theory of Development

By Charles Kenny, Bloomberg, It’s a question richer people have about their poorer neighbors: Why are they poor? Is it […]

Poles prefer traditional Polish cuisine but McDonald’s, Da Grasso and KFC are the biggest chain restaurants

Spending time away from home in the workplace or at school is the most common occasion for eating out for […]

Hungarian construction market to recover in 2013-2014

After a poor 2009-2012 for the Hungarian construction industry, from 2013 a visible market recovery is expected. The growth in […]

Slim Family Sees European Crisis as Good Time to Invest

By Crayton Harrison, Bloomberg, Carlos Slim sees Europe’s debt crisis as a “good moment” to apply his strategy of investing […]

Why Facebook is Killing Silicon Valley

By Steve Blank, From, We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, […]

Africa: Investing in the Cradle of Civilization, Part 3: Ghana’s Golden Opportunties

By Mark Mobius,, This year could prove an interesting one for Africa’s west coastal country, Ghana. Presidential and parliamentary […]

First Oxstone Educational Video on Gap Play

This is Oxstone’s first educational Video. Talk about the gap play for day trader. A gap play is buying a […]