August 2013

Syria and the Limits of Comparison

By Robert D. Kaplan, Stratfor, Because so many war plans simply do not survive the reality of war itself, each […]

83 Reasons We Love Warren Buffett

By Anand Chokkavelu, Motley Fool, Today is Warren Buffett’s 83rd birthday. Each year, I celebrate the Babe Ruth of Investing’s […]

Wedding Bells in Romania

I was invited to attend the wedding of one of our Romanian staff in June, and I jumped at the […]

An Emerging IT Hub: Lviv, Ukraine

This article is a response to Tetyana Salo, “Future at Home” (in Ukrainian language), Lvivska Poshta, No. 42 (1417), August […]

Meet the Blackstone Hedge Fund Mutual Fund — Created for You

Blackstone Group L.P. (NYSE: BX) has announced that it is launching its first alternative investment-focused mutual fund that offers daily […]

Pre-emerging markets

The term, pre-emerging markets is a standard term for the smaller, and/or less-developed — yet still investable — equity markets […]

How To Become An Investment Bank Analyst

Wall Street has changed in the aftermath of the Great Recession of 2008 and 2009 and that has changed the […]

Lose Abdominal Fat with Green Tea ~ Make Your Stock Portfolio Healthy

Drink Tea for Weight Loss According to a study by Peking University and other institutions, the catechins in green tea can […]

Obama’s Bluff

By George Friedman, Stratfor, Images of multiple dead bodies emerged from Syria last week. It was asserted that poison gas […]

Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur

By Michael Bloomberg, From LinkedIn, The following are some tips for becoming a successful entrepreneur based on my experience of […]