October 2012

Sector-Focused Hedge Fund Sees Bubble in its Sector

Deerfield Management is a long-short, bottom-up hedge fund that invests in the healthcare sector only. It manages about 3 billion […]

China’s Real Estate Slowdown but Business Climate is Good and Offers Reasons for Optimism

By Global Investor Spotlight ( In the last few years Chinese cities recorded an increase in property prices. Indeed property […]

The Economic Singularity, Part II

By John Mauldin, From Daily Reckoning, In our analogy, the event horizon is relatively easy to pinpoint. It is what […]

When Outsourcing Backfires

As the global economic downturn grinds on, more companies are acknowledging that labor costs aren’t always the most important factor […]

S&P 500 gets housing lift, but IBM reins in the Dow

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The S&P 500 rose for the third consecutive day on Wednesday after housing starts hit a […]

Does 3-D Printing Have a Future in Your Home?

My opinion on 3-D printing can best be described as “evolving.” I consider this a good approach when dealing with […]

UK gets out of recession with a bang

(EM) The world’s fifth-largest trading nation posted the highest quarterly economic growth in 5 years, on the back of the […]

Vladimir Putin: The New Global Shah of Oil

By Marin Katusa, Casey’s Research Exxon Mobil is no longer the world’s number-one oil producer. As of yesterday, that title […]

The ABCs of China’s Share Markets

By Mark Mobius, A shares, B shares, H shares. Chinese equity listings can be confusing to global investors. I’m […]

The Greatest Risk of All

My series on risk has sought to outline and categorize many of the risks faced by investors.  As I have tried […]