December 2014

Charts for Christmas: emerging markets – Video

From Financial Times YouTube Channel Link: Charts for Christmas: emerging markets

29 charts that explain Americans’ financial lives

by Danielle Kurtzleben I like to think lots of things make us unique: where we’re from, how we were raised, our […]

The Cuban Economy–Progress, Challenges and Opportunities

A new report from the Foreign Policy Program’s Latin America Initiative, Cuba’s Economic Change in Comparative Perspective, underscores a clear lesson […]

This map shows which is the deadliest infectious disease where you live

Tuberculosis’ and ‘AIDS’ aren’t trending on Twitter, but they probably should be. ENLARGE (GlobalPost) The worst Ebola outbreak in history has […]

Benefits Of Management Consulting

Peter Drucker said, “Management by objectives works – if you know the objectives. 90% of the time, you do not.” […]

Looking at the Next Generation of Institutional Investing

By Andrew Beer Institutional hedge fund investing is entering a new era. Generation one entailed investing through funds of hedge […]

What’s Your Investing Edge?

What’s Your Investing Edge? I recently attended the CFA Society of Chicago’s annual dinner where a fellow attendee and I […]

A 27-year-old millionaire reveals how he built his wealth

  By Mandi Woodruff CORRECTION:  Since the publication of this story on Nov. 4, new details have come to light which […]

Mapping freight – The Highly Concentrated Nature of Good Trades in United States

Considering the importance of goods trade to the United States, strikingly little is known about which regions trade with one […]

Billionaire Thomas Peterffy Practically Invented Digital Trading. Now He Wants To Be Your Broker

His 80-acre spread, with its 8,000-square-foot stone mansion, sits behind a gate and a guard, off a backcountry Connecticut road […]