November 2010

The Sheiks Of The FOMC

By Charles Kadlec, Forbes, Dollar debasement, not OPEC or the Chinese, is the driver of ”expensive oil.” The stage has […]

Discover Three “Demure Beauties” in Unknown Colombia

By Suzan Haskins, International Living, Mention that you’re going to Colombia, and people think you’re crazy. But they haven’t been. […]

Talk of $100 Oil Returns as Options Jump Most in 3 Months: Energy Markets

From Bloomberg, Oil’s return to $100 has become the biggest bet in the crude options market. The price of options […]

Top Investment Trends For Futurists

By JON C. OGG, 247Wallst, Futurists are an odd lot. Generally, they are authors, scientists, consultants and economists. What many […]

19 Points on Lease Negotiation in Asia

by Marcus Bowen, Right Site Asia, Leasing commercial space anywhere in the world can be a complicated transaction, but in […]

A Chinese Train Transport Investment

GSH, Guangshen Railway Co – CHINA, $20.15, 11/23/2010 By Liu-Yue (Louie) Lam, Co-Founder, CEO, Oxstone Capital Management, One of my […]

Russian telecommunications market – moderate forecasts for 2011

The value of the Russian telecommunications services market will increase 5% this year. Forecasts for 2011 are only slightly better […]

Here’s The Real Problem For The Stock Market

By Henry Blodget, Business Insider, Despite the recent pullback in the stock market, most people are still bullish. The economy’s […]

Peter Thiel: Drop Out, Start-Up

Peter Thiel: Drop Out, Start-Up The PayPal co-founder is offering 20 teen entrepreneurs $100,000 fellowships to leave college By John […]

So Google’s Buying Your Startup. Now What?

So Google’s Buying Your Startup. Now What? Google’s M&A chief has to persuade founders to stick around, often with financial […]