February 2014

The Adventure of a Lifetime: A Dream Retirement in Ecuador

Diane Murray, International Living, I often catch myself being taken aback by the stunning view of the Pacific that greets […]

4 ways women make better investors

The evidence is in: According to a number of studies from banks and investment firms over the past decade, women […]

The 13 Biggest Money Mistakes Retirees Make

On the surface, retiring seems to be about transitioning from the working grind to days of all leisure and no […]

Ukraine Turns From Revolution to Recovery

By George Friedman, Stratfor, The uprising in Kiev has apparently reached its conclusion. President Viktor Yanukovich and the opposition reached […]

The Bitcoin-Mining Arms Race Heats Up

Joel Flickinger’s two-bedroom home in the hills above Oakland, Calif., hums with custom-built computing gear. Just inside the front door, […]

65 Is Not a Magic Number

By Dennis Miller, Miller Money, Is retirement really all it’s cracked up to be? The answer depends on where you […]

Bond strategy: Sell Treasurys, buy … solar, like Buffett?

By Eric Rosenbaum, CNBC, Warren Buffett has invested in solar power plant projects. Could a similar strategy work for an […]

Why Most Financial Planners Will Soon Be Forced To Lower Their Minimums

The growth of financial planning has been an incredible success story of the past 40 years, as the broader financial […]

Protesters in Lviv Raise the Stakes in Ukraine’s Crisis

From Stratfor, As the standoff in Independence Square continues in Kiev, the western part of Ukraine has added a more […]

The Most Innovative Companies in the World

In 2013, the United States Patent and Trademark Office granted more than 270,000 patents, often to the same organizations. The […]