June 2011

Foreign Ownership of Japanese Shares Up, Financial Institutions’ Holdings Down

By Hiroyuki Kachi and Judy Lam Foreign ownership of Japanese shares rose for the second straight year, according to data […]

China Stocks Drop to Nine-Month Low on Economic Growth, Bank Loan Concern

From Bloomberg, China’s stocks fell to the lowest level in almost nine months after Nomura Holdings Inc. forecast the central […]

Emerging Market Fund Watch: MSCI Index Reclassification Doesn’t Change Much

From 247 WallSt site, In yesterday’s article about emerging market funds, we noted that three of the funds that track […]

Defining a Safe Mortgage: Has It Gone Too Far?

By Meg Handley, U.S. News, A little-known regulation sparked by the 2008 housing meltdown has the potential to fundamentally change […]

Country default risk

From Bespoke Investment Group site, “Greece has really distinguished itself this week as the country that is most at risk […]

The downgrade assault by the rating agencies continues – what are the implications for the EFSF?

By Rebecca Wilder, News N Economics site, As the rating agencies trip over themselves to downgrade sovereign credit, Greece yesterday […]

How to Tell if Your Housing Market Has Hit Bottom

At first glance, you’re not likely to see a lot of similarities between stately Cambridge, Mass., and sprawling Denton, Texas. […]

Martin Wolf: Why China Could Fail Like Japan

From Naked Capitalism site, The Financial Times’ economics editor Martin Wolf takes up the theme treated at some length by […]

Wave of Violent Protests, Rioting, Bombings Hits China; Expect More Riots When China’s Credit Bubble Pops, Exposing Mountains of Fraud

By Mike “Mish” Shedlock,, Protests are not uncommon in China. However, most protests have been in rural areas where […]

New Bank Capital Demands Will Drastically Reduce Bank Lending

By ROBERT LENZNER, Forbes Blog, BankAmerica’s chairman and CEO, Brian Moynihan, revealed today that every 1% additional capital requirement will […]