China’s Rise Will Be Short-Lived

By Peter Zeihan About the author: Peter Zeihan is a geopolitical strategist. He is the author of The End of the World Is Just […]

Here’s what gold does when the U.S. government goes on a borrowing binge

The U.S. government is going on a borrowing binge, with the fiscal deficit set to hit $4 trillion this year […]

Why You Should Store Gold Overseas to Protect Your Money

By Mark Nestmann, International Living, Gold has tangible value. Unlike the money in your bank or the cash in your […]

Reagan vs Trump Macro Initial Conditions (Chart)

By Macromon,  Global Macro Monitor, We here lots of talk these days about,  Why Donald Trump’s Market Rally Echoes Ronald […]

A Modest Proposal to Save the World

The day when the US dollar faces a crises is coming soon By Jeff Opdyke, The Soveriegn Investor You can’t fix […]

What you might not know about oil and gold

The multi-year commodity crush has intensified in July, with gold (@GC.10) and crude oil(@CL15U) falling another 6 percent and 15 percent, respectively. This […]

The Next Global Reserve Currency

  By Chuck Butler I will admit some trepidation in beginning this morning’s commentary with such an audacious title, but long-time […]

Soros Sees New World Order Coming; War With China

The U.S. could be poised for a third world war with China and one key to avoiding it could be found in […]

Super Dollar

The Great Greenback Rallies continues. The U.S. dollar just hit an 11.5-year high. Note that this is the WSJ Dollar […]

At big-ticket dinners, a blunt Bernanke sounds theme of low rates

By Jonathan Spicer and Svea Herbst-Bayliss, Reuters, In a series of quarter-million-dollar dinners with wealthy private investors, Ben Bernanke has […]