The Broken Bond Market

By Macromon, Global Macro Monitor, The Fed tightens on Wednesday and bonds rally.  What the heck? GaveKal, Jeff Gundlach,  and […]

Charts Show 28 Seriously Troubled Mega-Banks: 24 of Them in Europe

By Michael Shedlock, I have been saying for years that European banks are in far worse shape than U.S. banks. […]

Like Houdini, the Markets Escape Again and Again

By Stephen C. Sexauer, Allianz Global Investors, The Hungarians who fled Budapest in the 1930s have changed the world. This […]

Seth Klarman 2013 Letter to Investors: The Truman Show

From the Baupost Group’s 2013 shareholder letter by Seth Klarman, Klarman has recently given back 4 billion to investors due […]

Forecast 2014: The CAPEs of Hope

By John Mauldin, Millennium Wave Advisors The Second Most Expensive Stock Market in the World Who’s Got Your Risk? Join […]

The Most Important Variable Governing Market Prices

To the casual market observer, last week’s price action appeared to be dependent on every headline out of Washington. Strike […]

Is the Pump Primed for Emerging Markets Investors?

By Mark Mobius, Franklin Templeton, The vulnerabilities—or rather, perceived vulnerabilities—of emerging markets ­have been the focus of heightened discussions over […]

How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio – VIDEO

By Ray Dalio, Bridgewater Associates, YouTube Link: How the Economic Machine Works Ray Dalio, founder of hedge fund Bridgewater Associates, […]

Balance of trade

The commercial balance or net exports (sometimes symbolized as NX), is the difference between the monetary value of exports and […]

Notes from the DoubleLine Lunch with Jeffrey Gundlach, Spring 2013

The image above is of the street-facing windows and facade at the New York Yacht Club, poured and molded concrete […]