Distressed Acquisition and Mixed Use Residential Rental Development Opportunity, Westchester NY

Projected capital structure: $98MM ($24MM equity ($13.3MM needed for site acquisitions), $74MM debt LTC 76%) 231,000zsf (120 residential units 96k […]

Distressed Shovel Ready Residential Rental Development Opportunity, Westchester NY

Proj. capital structure: $86.9MM ($12MM equity needed by new Sponsor.  $17MM sunk costs from previous Sponsor), ($25MM low cost 15 […]

What Does Sam Zell Know That Wall St. Doesn’t?

As part of our ongoing “Cash is a Liability” series (available here), we’ll present a fairly well-known investor and billionaire […]

Slim Family Sees European Crisis as Good Time to Invest

By Crayton Harrison, Bloomberg, Carlos Slim sees Europe’s debt crisis as a “good moment” to apply his strategy of investing […]

Bill Ackman And Sam Zell On Turnarounds, Opportunities And Success

By Roland Li, ibtimes.com, Jonathan Gray of Blackstone, Bill Ackman and David Shulman (Roland Li/IBTimes) On Thursday, Bill Ackman, the […]

The Missing 13th Floor

By Chris Mayer, Daily Reckoning, “About eight years ago, I was going down the elevator of a hotel in Las […]

More Foreigners Snapping Up Foreclosed Property

By Jonathan Beer, 247 wall st site, Foreigners purchased about $41 billion worth of residential property in 2010, accounting or […]

The Real Estate Washout That Wasn’t

By Brian Louis and David M. Levitt, Bloomberg, From Manhattan office towers to Florida apartment buildings to retail properties in […]

Hedge Funds Look to Asia for Distressed Assets

Hedge Funds Eye Japan, China, Australia for Distressed Assets By Netty Ismail and Rishaad Salamat – Oct 19, 2010 Hedge […]