The importance of diversification illustrated in an exquisite quilt

In any given year, some asset class will outperform another. Unfortunately, no amount of skill or experience has enabled anyone […]

3 Investments With Best Long-term Track Records

Investment is a subjective matter and depends on the risk taking the capacity of the individual. For instance, someone who […]

Investors’ most favored market in February is…

Asset allocators are overweight equities and underweight bonds and cash, with high overweight positions in emerging markets, a survey shows. […]

How Not To Run A Hedge Fund: Geoff Grant Edition

Most amusing little snippet in FT’s Alphaville: Grant Capital Partners is being shut down. This hedge-fund manager wind-down is brought […]

video presentation of the expertGTC3

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Taxi Licenses Outperform Stocks, Oil and Gold

By Charles Mead, Bloomberg, The surging price of New York’s taxi medallions and their promise of steady cash flows have […]