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By following these 4 simple steps, you can ensure that love is in the air when viewers looking to buy their dream property see inside your home. Here, we ask a selection of estate agents about how to turn your property into an object of immediate desire.

Homes that are clearly well looked after and loved by their current owners are more likely to appeal to potential buyers than those in need of TLC, says a spokesman for Belgravia estate agent BestGapp. That is because buyers hunting for a property to live in themselves are looking to buy a lifestyle, not four walls.

Follow these simple steps to ensure that love is in the air when your home is for sale.

 First impressions count

Whether you are selling a flat in a purpose-built block, a terrace house with a front door that opens onto the street or a farmhouse surrounded by acres of countryside, do everything you can to make the approach to the front door is as attractive as possible. It may not be your responsibility to keep communal areas of your flat clean and tidy or the pavement outside your front door free from litter, but these all help make a good first impression.

It is also advisable to hang baskets of flowers outside the front of your property and keep your lawns and paths neat and trimmed.

Keep the personal touches

Opinion is divided as to whether family photographs, your children’s artwork and other personal touches put buyers off or help paint a picture of a perfect family home. Estate agentPlaza Estates, who are based in central London, advises: “Consider what type of buyer your home is most likely to appeal to. If your property is a one-bed, city centre flat designed for young professionals, keep the high-tech kit and keep fit equipment on display.

“On the other hand, if you’re selling a three-bedroom family home in the heart of suburbia and within walking distance of an Ofsted-rated school, make full use of wedding photos, children’s toys and your favourite recipe books to emphasise the fact that your property is the place to raise a family.”

While you want to avoid excessive amounts of clutter, you shouldn’t feel compelled to make your home look like a shadow of its former self. Just make sure your accessories are modern and aspirational.

Provide home comforts

Beautiful home furnishings are an excellent way to make your home look as cosy and inviting as possible. Use luxurious rugs, scatter cushions and soft blankets to send a clear message to potential buyers that you’ve invested time and effort in making the property homely and highlighting its many charms.

But don’t go over the top, warns Brixton and Battersea estate agentEden Harper. You also need to emphasise the space your property offers. Two expensive pieces of artwork are better than covering the walls with cheap, off-the-shelf pictures.

Say it with fresh bread and flowers 

Shortly before viewings, consider baking loaves of bread or cakes. They’ll fill your kitchen with a wonderful aroma that epitomises the spirit of homeliness. Flowers are not just for Valentine’s Day. Displaying large bouquets in a selection of vases all over your home can add fragrances all around your property that can become the sweet smell of success when a viewer puts an offer in.

Every property is different, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution to making viewers fall in love with your home. But by taking the time and effort to make it appeal to the lifestyle your buyers aspire to can drastically reduce the time it is on the market.




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