Essential Considerations when Choosing the Best Location for Your Serviced Office


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The location of your business will undoubtedly make a big impact on your customers – and on the success of your business in the end. After all, where you are located says a lot about how well your business is doing and how well you have been able to run your enterprise. The right location can definitely give your image a boost. But if you are looking for the perfect location for a serviced office, there are other essential considerations you have to think about as well.

Ease and availability of transport

One major consideration is the ease and availability of transport in the location of your serviced office. It is particularly important for your serviced office to be near major transportation hubs, such as railway stations, motorways, and the like. Also, when your clients visit you, you want to make it easy for them to reach your office. When looking for a location for a serviced office, therefore, make sure to check the transportation system in and around the location, as this can mean a lot.

A reputable address

When looking for the proper location for your serviced office, you should also think about the address of the office itself. This means checking the town and neighbourhood where the office is located, seeing how it looks, how many conveniences it has, and if it is also clean, well-kept, and safe. It doesn’t hurt as well to choose an address where other popular business firms are located, as this also gives your clients the right impression. If you are in a thriving community and a hub of industry, your clients will think better of your business and what it can do for them. Take an office in Swindon like those from the Dorcan Complex, for example. Not only are the offices ready for occupancy and equipped with modern amenities – the complex is located in Swindon, which is known for being the base of operations of major corporations such as Honda, Intel, Dolby Labs, Zurich Financial, and more. The mere fact that the office is located near such big names in different industries is already a point in your favour.

Future expansion

One other aspect that many business owners actually forget or neglect when they are choosing the location of their serviced office is future expansion. What does this mean? This means choosing a location where it will not be difficult for your office to expand in the future. What if your business undergoes tremendous growth in a short span of time? Then you need an office space which can accommodate this growth and expansion. You should therefore look for a location which can give you several options when it comes to office size just for future preparedness.

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