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Hello dear readers,

It would be nice if i introduce myself here briefly first, before i start sending out all my interesting and valuable posts with content that may interest all of you. My name is Rutger van Nuissenburg, born and raised in The Netherlands, but got my roots in Indonesia. Have a background of several years in Casino Management, but i needed a new challenge in life. A challenge that could drive me to accomplish my goals in life, make my dreams become reality. And i do need to say that I dare to dream big. I see myself as a fighter, and i just keep going on to reach my goals. And for that reason the following quote is like a guideline in my life:

“I don’t count the days, I make the days count!”

I’m currently living in Bali, Indonesia where I tend to keep myself busy on the market of real estate. So my upcoming posts will be mostly about that subject as well. To inform the members of the Oxtones Investment Club about what I have to offer, cause in the end… I’m still looking for investors. I have various projects/hotels/villa’s and land for sale, which i will posts here to offer, to hopefully find someone who is interested to buy it.

Feel free to check me out on LinkedIn (id.linkedin.com/pub/rutger-van-nuissenburg/40/187/3a/), and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any inquiries concerning projects/hotels/villas/land in Indonesia. Thanks for reading and your time. Hope to hear from you all on short notice.

Kind Regards,

Rutger van Nuissenburg

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