How to Make Accounting as a Self-Entrepreneur?

If you do not know where to start, some great ideas for you to discover How to do your accounting […]

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Making an Investment as a Start-up

As a start-up, you know that the first few years of your company is the most trying. If you are […]

David Rubenstein of Carlyle Group; Mensch

By Jeffrey Carter, Last night I had the opportunity to listen to David Rubenstein of Carlyle Group.  I enjoy listening […]

Startup Investing, Is it For You?

By Jeff Carter, Legendary venture capitalist Bill Gurley gave a great interview to the Wall Street Journal on startup investing.  […]

Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur

By Michael Bloomberg, From LinkedIn, The following are some tips for becoming a successful entrepreneur based on my experience of […]

A $200 million headlock on mixed martial arts

A $200 million headlock on mixed martial arts ( — It’s not every day you meet a chief executive officer […]

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