Famed Endowment Manager Invests Yale’s Money in Crypto Funds.

On October 5, 2018, an article published by Bloomberg stated that Yale University’s Investment Office, under the stewardship of famed manager David Swensen, […]

Loans Could Be the New Flight to Safety

If you’re looking for safe port in a possible oncoming financial storm, forget bonds. Leveraged loans are what you’re looking […]

2016 Commercial Real Estate Outlook

by Peter Nielsen of Saturna Capital Encouraging fundamentals and positive developments in broadly-used sector classifications and US tax structure bode […]

You Don’t Have to Be a Billionaire to Buy a Big Building in Manhattan (or, a Piece of One)

ByEmily Stewart Over investing in stocks? Why not buy a building instead? It worked for Donald Trump. Unlike Trump, you might […]

Kaminsky’s Call: Hedge Funds Do Worse Than Market?

By: Gary Kaminsky, CNBC Contributing Editor What do hedge fund managers and closet indexers have in common? More than you […]

Why Have Global Correlations Increased?

By Jeremy Glaser, Morningstar, One reason why investors clamor for international stock exposure has traditionally been the belief that foreign […]

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