Loans Could Be the New Flight to Safety

If you’re looking for safe port in a possible oncoming financial storm, forget bonds. Leveraged loans are what you’re looking […]

2016 Commercial Real Estate Outlook

by Peter Nielsen of Saturna Capital Encouraging fundamentals and positive developments in broadly-used sector classifications and US tax structure bode […]

You Don’t Have to Be a Billionaire to Buy a Big Building in Manhattan (or, a Piece of One)

ByEmily Stewart Over investing in stocks? Why not buy a building instead? It worked for Donald Trump. Unlike Trump, you might […]

Kaminsky’s Call: Hedge Funds Do Worse Than Market?

By: Gary Kaminsky, CNBC Contributing Editor What do hedge fund managers and closet indexers have in common? More than you […]

Why Have Global Correlations Increased?

By Jeremy Glaser, Morningstar, One reason why investors clamor for international stock exposure has traditionally been the belief that foreign […]

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