August 2011

Who Saved Silicon Valley? Angels, Of Course

By Allan May, Atlantic, Like nature, capitalism abhors a vacuum, and Angel investors have been eager and able to capture […]

Carvajal Colombia acuerda compra Convermex México en 180 mln dlr

BOGOTA, ago 25 (Reuters) – El conglomerado colombiano Carvajal informó el jueves que acordó la compra del mexicano Grupo Convermex, […]

Be More Like Buffett: Buy Fear

by Steven M. Sears, Barrons, Everyone likes to quote Warren Buffett. He’s rich. He plays bridge with Microsoft founder Bill […]

New competition emerges for Far East Pharmaceutical API, contract manufacturers

Market trends are beginning to support a western orientation for companies as they meet standards and prices enabling them to […]

Pharmaceutical companies concentrate on OTC products in Poland

With new regulations on the horizon for prescription medicine in Poland and rising consumer demand, companies are marketing OTC preparations […]

Jobs at Apple: Master inventor, master marketer

By Jordan Robertson, AP, Steve Jobs started Apple Computer with a high school friend in a Silicon Valley garage in […]

Did the Fed Buy the Market to Stop the Collapse?

By Phoenix Capital Research, Zero Hedge,   Now that the market has rolled over and erased most of the gains […]

Why I Quit a Dream Job and Moved to Buenos Aires

by Greg Patrick, International Living, About five years ago I walked out on a dream job. I had been working […]

Polish IT market expansion attributed to three trends

“Despite the growing saturation of the Polish market of IT solutions, several positive trends were visible in 2010, which may […]

The “Other” Precious Meal

By Byron King, Daily Reckoning When you hear the term “precious metals,” you likely think of gold and silver. That’s […]