There’s a Beach for Everyone in Brazil


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By Margaret Summerfield, Daily Reckoning,
Brazilian Beach Near Joao Pessoa

The Beach is almost a religion in Brazil. It’s where you spend your free time, your weekends, and your vacations. It’s where you meet up with friends, hang out with your family, and play with your kids. It’s where you picnic, savor a chilled beer, or party the night away.

And with 4,655 miles of coastline, there’s a beach to suit everyone in Brazil.

The beaches in the country’s south grab most of the headlines and column inches. But the beaches in Brazil’s northeast are stunning — and they come with year-round beach weather to enjoy the sand and surf.

Joao Pessoa’s urban beaches are pretty. Joao Pessoa is a city of more than 723,000 residents with big-city amenities. You’ll find good medical care. You won’t run short of shopping or dining options. But it’s also got a safe, friendly, small-town atmosphere that’s hard to resist. And it lacks the crazy bustle, the dirt and the noise of many other cities I’ve spent time in.

Social life focuses on the beach and boardwalk in Joao Pessoa. Everyone comes to the boardwalk to jog, roller blade, walk the dog, or socialize. There’s a great mix of cafes, restaurants and beach bars along the boardwalk. But (unlike many Brazilian cities) you won’t see a string of high-rises on this boardwalk. Strict planning laws restrict building height and density. That adds to the small beach town feel you’ll enjoy in Joao Pessoa.

You can swim, sunbathe or relax on the city beaches. And the beaches outside the city are gorgeous. You’ll find lots of different types of beaches, from buzzing little spots that party all weekend to quiet crescent beaches that you’ll have to yourself.

Wealthy Brazilian families own beach homes in Joao Pessoa. They buy large properties, big enough for the whole family to enjoy. The city’s a popular spot with Brazilian retirees, too. They’re usually younger, in their fifties, retiring from the civil service or professional life. But these retirees don’t want to downsize. They buy large homes with plenty of living space. Because they know that their family and friends will come and stay with them for long beach vacations.

This condo is typical of the larger properties you’ll see in Joao Pessoa. It covers 383 square meters (4121 square feet), with four bedrooms and bathrooms, a games room, plus an indoor and outdoor kitchen. It’s on the fourth (top) floor of the building. It’s one of only two penthouses that share the top floor.

The condo comes with a large terrace with an outdoor kitchen, hot tub and amazing ocean and beach views. The seller is currently fitting out the interior of the condo with high-end materials.

From the terrace, you can see the beach, the ocean and the city skyline.

The building is complete and includes a swimming pool, social area, gym and barbeque area. The building sits right next to a long stretch of white sand beach in the Ponto do Campina neighborhood. This is a quiet urban beach without a boardwalk. A glass wall around the building’s social area makes the most of the beach views:

Beachfront Condo in Joao Pessoa

Walk a few steps from the swimming pool and social area, through a low gate, and you’re right on the sand:

Beachfront View from Condo in Joao Pessoa

The condo is listed at 1,915,000 reals ($1.12 million). It will come with high-end finishes featuring wood, granite and marble, and kitchen cabinetry from one of Brazils’ leading design companies.

The asking price works out to 5,000 reals per square meter. That’s a good price when you consider that pre-construction property in the same area is listing at 5500-7500 reals per square meter.


Margaret Summerfield,
for The Daily Reckoning

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