Michael Burry and Jeremy Grantham have warned an epic stock market crash is underway. Here’s what 5 doomsayers expect to happen next.

Theron Mohamed Michael Burry and Jeremy Grantham have both warned the stock-market crash is well underway. Nouriel Roubini, Robert Kiyosaki, […]

Building a Series A SaaS valuation estimator (2017 edition)

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Top 10 IPO Candidates for 2017

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The Art of Value Investing

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How I Approach Valuation (For Now)

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A New Era For Entrepreneurs And Startups Has Begun

Since the recent recession, and at least partially sparked by it, I’m seeing a real resurgence of entrepreneurial spirit, and […]

Twitter IPO: Why a good trade be a bad investment (or vice versa)?

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The Dark Side of Valuation: India Business Forum – VIDEO

By Aswath Damodaran, NYU Stern, Watch the YouTube Video – The Dark Side of Valuation

All The Signs Are That There’s Too Much Speculation In Gold Right Now

By Jim Rogers, From http://jimrogers-investments.blogspot.com/2012/12/all-signs-are-that-theres-too-much.html I own gold and I own silver. I own all the precious metals, especially gold […]

How to Profit From the Path of Progress

By Ronan McMahon, The Daily Reckoning, Verdant green tropical forest sweeps down to golden-sand beaches washed by the rich blue […]