Places around the world running out of water

With surging populations, the world is coping with the increased demand for water. A rapidly urbanizing population further strains the […]

The cheapest countries to live in 2016

THRIFTY LIVING       Want to know where you can get cheap groceries, eat out for less and rent […]

The Dirty Way to Feed 9 Billion People

The solution to a major agricultural problem is a little gross, but it’s necessary. By James J. Elser and Bruce E. Rittmann Future […]

Africa investor (Ai40) Weekly Commentary – 12 August 2013

By Staff Reporter | August 12, 2013 The week under review was a disappointing one as the Index fell 0.22 points, […]

Africa Investor Weekly Commentary – 5 August 2013

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Greece First Developed Market Cut to Emerging at MSCI

Greece became the first developed nation to be cut to emerging-market status by MSCI Inc. (MSCI) after the local stock […]

Africa investor Weekly Commentary – 8 July 2013

By Staff Reporter | July 8, 2013 Despite a surge in Egyptian stocks, the Ai40 Index inched lower once more this […]

Ai Weekly Commentary – 10 June 2013

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How to play resource scarcity

By Melissa Shin, From By 2050, it’s all over, says Jeremy Grantham: we’ll have either used up all cheap […]

From Worst to First

By Chris Mayer, From Daily Reckoning I like to tell people that Greece’s stock market was one of the world’s […]