The Most Important Investors Of All Time

By Michael Batnick, I analyzed the birth dates of the most important investors of all time. Ten observations were made.This […]

King Ken: Recovered Citadel chief takes the hedge fund throne

Lawrence Delevingne | @ldelevingne In April, a hedge fund firm in Chicago snagged arguably the most sought after economic mind in […]

Dare to be Great II

By Howard Marks, Oaktree Capital, Memo to:           Oaktree Clients From:                   Howard Marks Re:                       Dare to Be Great II In September […]

The Biggest Bet Ever: Soros, Paulson and Cooperman Take On Adelson Over The Future Of Gambling In America

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Hedge Funds Are for Suckers

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A hedge fund for you and me? The best move is to take a pass

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The Romanian Gold Mine Bending Billionaire Investment Portfolios

The extreme recent moves in the price of gold have given investors whiplash. Gold fell in April from $1,599 an […]

University Endowments Face a Hard Landing

For years, America’s largest, richest and most prestigious universities have been the envy of investors. They churned out double-digit returns […]

America’s Richest Hedge Fund Managers

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Chase Coleman Channels Ancestor Stuyvesant With 45% Robertson-Like Return

By Anthony Effinger, Katherine Burton and Ari Levy, Bloomberg, Charles Payson Coleman III, known as Chase, is as close as […]