Michael Burry and Jeremy Grantham have warned an epic stock market crash is underway. Here’s what 5 doomsayers expect to happen next.

Theron Mohamed Michael Burry and Jeremy Grantham have both warned the stock-market crash is well underway. Nouriel Roubini, Robert Kiyosaki, […]

‘Prepare for an epic finale’: Jeremy Grantham warns ‘tragedy’ looms as ‘superbubble’ may burst

By Christine Idzelis Bear-market rallies are a common feature of ‘superbubbles,’ says legendary investor Jeremy Grantham A “superbubble” appears dangerously […]

The legendary investor who predicted the past 2 bubbles breaks down how the 9-year bull market will end

Joe Ciolli In late 2017, the investing legend Jeremy Grantham was officially on bubble watch. He said as much in a quarterly letter he […]

Star Investors Reveal Their Hits and Misses

By Gregory Zuckerman, WSJ, The hard lessons from Rob Arnott, Jeremy Grantham, Howard Marks and Jeffrey Gundlach Even the superstars […]

GRANTHAM: China Has The Money To Become The ‘Terror Of Capitalism’ Within 30 Years

GMO’s Jeremy Grantham has maintained a gloomy slant on the economy. However, he does see reasons to be optimistic. Last […]

How to play resource scarcity

By Melissa Shin, From http://www.advisor.ca/investments/market-insights/how-to-play-resource-scarcity-113413 By 2050, it’s all over, says Jeremy Grantham: we’ll have either used up all cheap […]

A buying opportunity in farms, food

A noted strategist sees a global food crisis that will be with us for decades. Here are the investment areas […]

10 investment lessons from Jeremy Grantham

Commentary: Expect more from yourself than the market By Jonathan Burton, MarketWatch SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — Warren Buffett has said […]

The New Bull Market in Price Increases Puts Rally at Risk

By Andrew Bond, Motley Fool, The animal spirits appear to have full control of the market, and they’re not looking […]

Jeremy Grantham: Night of the living Fed – something unbelievably terrifying

From Prieur du Plessis, Investment Postcards from Cape Town Jeremy Grantham has become a familiar and very popular face on […]