The Stock Market

Haven’t blogged in a while. So I decided to look back and pull out one of my first blog posts, […]

Oil Is In The Midst Of A Major Repricing

Dear Readers: I’m currently writing a long-form post twice a month now for Chris Martenson’s excellent website, Peak Accordingly, […]

The Social Media Tech IPO Boom: An Insider’s Game?

Billion-dollar cash-outs at Facebook, Zynga and Groupon. Abysmal stock performance. Over the last year-and-a-half, several of the most prominent social […]

Greg Smith on Goldman: An indictment of investment banking?

By Aswath Damodaran, NYU Professor of Finance, Greg Smith, the Goldman VP who resigned with a searing indictment of Goldman […]

Tax Benefits From Options as Windfall for Businesses

Tax Benefits From Options as Windfall for Businesses James Estrin/The New York Times Mel Karmazin, the chief executive of SiriusXM, […]

Goldman Said to Be Planning CDs Tied to Equities

By Matt Robinson, Bloomberg, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS) plans to issue four certificates of deposit linked to stocks as […]

Goldman Sachs Calls For Much Lower Food Prices

By Paul Ausick, 247Wallst site,   Analysts at Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (NYSE: GS) have reversed a forecast from just […]

Lucas van Praag: “Don’t Blame Goldman For The Food Crisis, Blame The Middle Class”

Submitted by Tyler Durden Last week, an article by Fred Kaufman in Foreign Policy magazine ripped off a gangrenous scab: […]

Facebook Drives Second Market Broking $1 Billion Private Shares

By Richard Teitelbaum, Bloomberg, Barry Silbert was born to trade. By age 10, he was swapping baseball cards at collectors […]

Banks Up Profit Bets on the Rich

By Lauren LaCapra,, NEW YORK (TheStreet) — By the end of 2008, Bank of America had positioned itself as […]