Building for the Future: Infrastructure in Emerging Markets

There has been a recent debate about whether the end of the commodities “supercycle” is over, and if we are […]

ASEAN Cooperation: A Growing Global Power

By Mark Mobius, Franklin Templeton, Southeast Asia represents one of the fastest-growing regions of the world today, and to us, […]

The 50-year snooze

  Brazilian workers are gloriously unproductive. For the economy to grow, they must snap out of their stupor   Apr […]

Invest in Azerbaijan

Azeribaijan located at the crossroad of Europe and Asia is the gateway to the Eastern Europe and Middle Eastregion. It […]

Long Live China’s Boom

After three decades of 9.8 percent average annual GDP growth, China’s economic expansion has been slowing for 13 consecutive quarters […]

Bric stocks: their time will come (soon)

by Stefan Wagstyl, From FT Blog, The underperformance of Bric equities is becoming an embarrassment for investors who are long […]

In Brazil’s Favelas, a Middle Class Arises

By David Biller and Katerina Peteroff,  Businessweek The night before appliance retailer Casas Bahia opened in Rio de Janeiro’s largest […]

8 overseas markets worth exploring

Something not so funny has happened on the road to the future. The five overseas markets that were supposed to […]

EM INVESTMENT: Show of hands

(EM) Emerging nations are talking big about investing in each others’ currencies. But diversifying reserves out of traditional assets will […]

What Is An Emerging Market Economy?

An emerging market economy (EME) is defined as an economy with low to middle per capita income. Such countries constitute […]