GEOARBITRAGE: A practical guide on living expenses and how to live affordably in Prague, CZ


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So, you’re looking for geoarbitrage info about the cost of living in Prague, CZ for 3 months… here it is. Thanks to Michal Horny for the local analysis.

Housing: CZK 15.000 – 50.000 ($800 – $2750) A relatively hip apartment for one or two persons, furnished, downtown for a short term, with utilities included would be about CZK 12,000-17,000 ($650-$925) a month. If you would be satisfied with a single room in an apartment with other people… you can expect to pay about CZK 5,000-8,000 ($275-$450) per month. Check out or

Eating: CZK 18.000 – 54.000 ($975-3000) Expect to pay about CZK 200/day ($10) for food at home. If you prefer to eat out, make it CZK 300–600 ($15-$30) a day.

Partying: CZK 15.000 – 30.000 ($825-$1650) Partying and pub costs fluctuate greatly. You can get together with friends for a raucous evening in U Sudu for about CZK 200 a night ($10), or you may spend CZK 1,500 at Club Mecca ($80) and you’re still sober. This line item is based on an active lifestyle.

Public transport: CZK 1.480 ($80) unlimited for 90 days.

Mobile phone: CZK 1500 ($80) Czech SIM-card with enough credit for local calls for 3 months.

Other expenses are voluntary. More data to be posted here soon.

In summary, you may easily live in Prague, CZ for 3 months for CZK 51.000 (approx $2800). If you want to live like a king, you should plan to spend about CZK 137.000 (approx $7.600).

Conversions based on’s exchange on 9/27 of 18.26 CZK to 1 USD.

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