Adam Siemiginowski started blogs with a background in Information Systems and Finance, graduating from Fairfield University’s Dolan School of Business. His broad experience with tech/media startups allows him to see the big picture, forecasting trends before the market realizes them.

The Astounding Future Growth of the Mobile Internet (Video of Mary Meeker, Managing Director at Morgan Stanley)

Mary Meeker, Managing Director at Morgan Stanley, goes through a whirlwind 30 minute presentation about the future of the Mobile […]

Top Global Political Risks of 2011

Here are the Top Global Political Risks for 2011 as defined by The Eurasia Group. G-Zero Europe Cybersecurity China North […]

Ireland & Portugal tied at the hip… Echoes of Greece, Tremors of EU.

Contagion hits Portugal as Ireland dithers on rescue Confused reports continued to swirl as Irish finance minister Brian Lenihan prepared […]

535% Real Estate ROI in 5 years! Virtual Real Estate that is…

Think the rent is, in fact, too damn high? Then stay as far away from online world Entropia Universe as […]

China bashes US credit… USA no longer US-AA Rated

Chinese Credit Rater Downgrades U.S. – MarketBeat By Matt Phillips Getty Images Dagong Global Credit Rating Co., the Chinese rating […]

CRYSTAL BALL? China’s output exceeds US in 2012.

China may be bigger economy than US within two years Barack Obama greets China’s Paramount Leader, Hu Jintao (Photo: Getty) […]

DEBT CITY: Is Ireland the new Greece?

Ireland’s crisis flares as investors dump bonds DUBLIN (AP) – Ireland’s financial troubles loomed large Wednesday as investors – betting […]

US cuts Social Security and Medicare

U.S. Debt Propasal Would Cut Social Security, Medicare By Heidi Przybyla and Brian Faler – Nov 10, 2010 12:53 PM […]

French will be working two years longer. Til 62, not 60.

Sarkozy signs the law: French retire at 62, not 60 PARIS (AP) – Retiring at 62 became law in France […]

Will the Federal Reserve’s Ben Bernanke Cause a Civil War?

What is the most likely cause today of civil unrest? Immigration. Gay Marriage. Abortion. The Results of Election Day. The […]