Bill Gates aims to save $233 billion by reinventing the toilet

Bill Gates thinks toilets are a serious business, and he’s betting big that a reinvention of this most essential of […]

Winning the Hunger Games – How to Choose Successful Agriculture Investments

By Energy Report, Agricultural Commodities, Starting with the premise that people have to eat, The Agletter Editor Tom Wallace has […]

A buying opportunity in farms, food

A noted strategist sees a global food crisis that will be with us for decades. Here are the investment areas […]

The Fertile Land of Pakistan

From valuewalk, By Pakonomy, Pakistan’s agriculture sector has been labeled the country’s backbone so many times, that you would think […]

Jim Rogers Talks About Inflation, China, Commodities, Unrest and India

By RUSSELL FLANNERY, Forbes Blog, Inflation, the outlook for commodity prices and social unrest in the Middle East are three of the most […]

Are Insiders Picking a 2011 Commodities Top?

By Justin Rohrlich, Minyanville, A call came in this morning from Shawn Hackett, founder and CEO of Hackett Financial Advisors, […]

Waste as a Valuable Commodity

Waste as a Valuable Commodity In over 30 years of business development in emerging market countries we witnessed waste of […]

Sorkin: Worrying Over China and Food

By ANDREW ROSS SORKIN, NY Times, The prospect that a group backed by China may make a takeover offer for […]

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