Knox Group to Launch $325 Million Residential Property Priced in Bitcoin

(NEW YORK) – The Knox Group of Companies, with headquarters in the Isle of Man, announced late on Tuesday it […]

Countries with no property taxes where you REALLY own your home

Dateline: Belgrade, Serbia We frequently discuss the idea that governments thrive on taxing the “evil rich”. It’s no secret. Similarly, […]

London is 2015’s Top Tourist Destination

London leads the MasterCard report in most international tourists, and most money spent by international tourists. (Photo: Thinkstock) Travel data […]

Jim Rogers Explains What All The China Bears Are Getting Wrong

By Mamta Badkar, From Business Insider, recently spoke with investment guru Jim Rogers on a myriad of issues.   You’re […]

Why Dubai’s Construction Boom Continues

By Zainab Fattah, BusinessWeek, Construction sites are buzzing with work across the Persian Gulf sheikdom of Dubai more than two […]

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