There are harsh conditions ongoing on global stocks markets…World index has decreased for 15.39% since mid-April 2015, of which 7.06% only this year. Emerging Market index decreased even more, 31.25% from mid-April 2015, of which 7.36% only this year. Other “Balkan funds” have lost from -2.24% to -7.30% just in January. In these extremely difficult circumstances, NAV of BEF Fund has practically not changed in January. It has only marked symbolic drop, which is lower than monthly management fee expenses (all published performance results are always decreased for all expenses) which means that BEF Fund has, in gross terms, made positive return in January!

However, all this is just an overture to large growth of Balkan markets, which is just around the corner! You might probably be doubtful about that! As in March 2009 (and long afterwards), when everybody claimed that the global “financial” collapse has started and that US equities became too expensive. Nevertheless, that was when the enormous growth has begun and lasted until recently (despite all Greek, Spanish, Irish, Portuguese, Cyprus and other crisis; even US budget blockade was just one in series of such corrections)! Or in fall of 2013, two and a half years ago, when almost everyone believed, that Slovenia will bankrupt or request financial assistance. However, growth of Slovenian stock market begun. There is still a lot of amazement, when one is told, that up to 300% could be earned with some of Slovenian stocks (Aerodrom, Letrika, Luka Koper) or even 600% in the case of Pivovarna Laško.

The Western Balkans is the last region in the world, where nothing happened yet and some regional exchange indices are valued at only 10-15% of their 2007 values. The growth here story will be similar, except that the increase of share values will be much larger due to currently low values and low liquidity. When the markets will awaken, we will make at least 100% – 200% performance, before other investors will be aware of this. However, by then it will be mainly too late!

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