February 2012

Agricultural Bank Says China Real Estate Prices Need to Drop 25 Percent

By Michael Cole, Mingtiandi, According to analysts from China Agricultural Bank (ABC) real estate prices should be expected to drop […]

The State of the World: A Framework

By George Friedman, Stratfor, The evolution of geopolitics is cyclical. Powers rise, fall and shift. Changes occur in every generation […]

Consumer Comfort Highest in Almost Four Years

By Bob Willis | Bloomberg –   Consumer confidence in the U.S. increased last week to the highest level since April […]

U.S. long bonds: Buyer beware!

By Prieur du Plessis, Bill Gross is buying them after misreading the market last year, while the Fed is buying […]

Most non-public hospitals in Poland oriented towards public funding

The vast majority of non-public hospitals in Poland provide services under contracts with the National Health Fund (NFZ). The number […]

Rate on 30-year mortgage rises to 3.95 percent

By Derek Kravitz, AP Real Estate Writer | Associated Press   WASHINGTON (AP) — The average rate on the 30-year […]

Million-dollar foreclosures rise as rich walk away

By Jessica Dickler | Five years after the housing bubble burst, America’s wealthiest families are now losing their homes […]

12 27 Ways to Buy Facebook Stock Before It Goes Public

By Stockerblog, Ever since Facebook announced that the company will have its initial public offering later this year, I have […]

Rising sales point to better year for housing

By Derek Kravitz, AP Real Estate Writer | Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — The housing market is flashing signs of […]

Brain-Drain Panic Returns — This Time to Africa

By Jagdish Bhagwati, Chazen, While developed countries are angst-ridden over mostly illegal immigration by unskilled workers from developing countries, a […]