The first thoughts that might enter your mind when you think of Scotland are the roving hills of the Highlands or the romantic drone of bagpipes, but such well-known cultural stereotypes barely cover the wonder of staying in this vibrant country.

To live in Scotland is to discover the breadth of traditional and contemporary culture, with a country happily clinging to its roots while still carving out a path for the future. From the cosmopolitan excitement of Glasgow or Edinburgh to the open expanses of the peaceful countryside, you can be sure to find the best of both worlds in Scotland.

But, where are some of the finest places to live in this small but diverse country? Well, we’ve come up with just a few for you to feast your eyes on.


Average house price: £124,818

With a number of houses and flats to rent in Glasgow, you’ll be spoilt for choice in this amazing city. With a range of museums, restaurants and nightlife spread out across this vast area, Glasgow is beset with enough cosmopolitan activities to appease even the most demanding culture enthusiast.

If you’re after the centre of good food and a hip lifestyle, then search for properties in Glasgow’s feted west end, with Byres Road, Partick and Hillhead all providing top quality housing.

For a more peaceful suburbia, you could find that the outer areas of Glasgow are your best bet, providing a slower pace from the city’s bustling centre. And, with a convenient and efficient subway system covering Glasgow’s length and breadth, travelling to and from each area is a dawdle.


Average house price: £212,895

Scotland’s world famous capital, Edinburgh is a veritable tourist trap that’s filled all year round with the finest of Scottish culture and architecture.

Whether it’s a visit to the city centre’s focal point, the Edinburgh castle, or for a series of varied shopping locations (Grassmarket, with its vintage clothing and book stores, comes highly recommended), Edinburgh is the wildly beating heart of Scotland, showing tourists and residents alike what the land of tartan and whisky has to offer.


Average house price: £125,937

Narrowly missing out on the City of Culture award for 2017, Dundee is still a city that has been redeveloping and reforming to become one of the more vibrant places in all of Scotland.

From the Dundee Contemporary Arts, which is home to an art gallery, cinema and restaurant, to the McManus Galleries, which has played host to many famous works of art over the years, Dundee’s cultural quarter has flourished into a place brimming with things to do.

The smallest city on the list, Dundee is also a breeze to commute through, with its more compact areas providing convenient bus routes throughout the city and beyond.

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