Back in the old days, the stock market and the economy in general had a huge effect on the American public, even those who never invested in their life. Here is a selection of fascinating photographs, which captured the histroy and spirit of the times.

The Crash of 1929
This photo was taken shortly after the crash of 1929. Just one example of the desperation people experienced.
Central Park
This is what Central Park looked like at the beginning of the depression in 1930. People set up shacks in the park since it was their only option of having a roof over their heads.
Making Clothes from Flour Sacks
During the Depression in the 1930’s, women were making clothes out of flour sacks, so the flour companies started making the sacks with designs and flowers on them.
Disney (DIS)
Disney was popular even during the early 1930’s portion of the Depression. This is a meeting of the Mickey Mouse Club.
Harley Davidson (HOG)
 Harley Davidson, the famous motorcycle company, started small, building its first products in this little building back in 1903.
Tesla (TSLA)

Where did the name Tesla come from? Nikola Tesla, the famous electrical inventor. That is not Tesla above, but Mark Twain in Tesla’s lab in 1894.

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