Private healthcare market in Central Europe 2011 Development forecasts for 2011-2013


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The development of the private healthcare sector has been curtailed in all of the six countries analysed in the report. In the past two years investors have avoided spending on new ventures in the sector because of the economic downturn. However, the crisis has hit the public sector just as much with budgets shrinking over the two years, leading to a deteriorating situation in the public healthcare sector (underfunding deepened owing to cost-containment policies, poor infrastructure and underpaid staff). As a consequence more patients are opting for services in private healthcare facilities.

Today’s economy requires businesses to keep close tabs on market activity in order to make sound decisions and maximise profits. If you are looking for the most up to date and viable data and analysis on the private healthcare market in Central Europe, you should read the latest PMR report Private healthcare market in Central Europe 2011, Development forecasts for 2011-2013.

The directive “Patients without borders” will lead to a rise in medical tourism and is set to improve the standing of healthcare providers in the rapidly developing sector in Central Europe where the recovering economy will boost its market potential. The report delivers a comprehensive analysis and the latest findings on the healthcare sector in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria, alongside key data including market size, structure and value for each country together with market trends and development forecasts up to 2013.

The report also examines the key players in the private healthcare market in Central Europe including medical companies, insurers and private hospital operators. Detailed profiles of providers and consumers of private healthcare services include data on spending trends for various market segments such as inpatient and outpatient services, dental care and dialysis services. The legal framework of the health insurance and medical subscription markets is also analysed, alongside the impact of the expected changes.

Private healthcare market in Central Europe 2011, Development forecasts for 2011-2015 combines valuable business intelligence from a variety of trusted sources into one clear, concise document – ready for delivery to you in a convenient electronic format.

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