Polish power sector construction 2011 – development forecasts and planned investments


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Prospects for power construction in Poland continue to be very favourable. However, due to a change in the direction of development for many energy groups, over the past year the implementation plan of the largest blocks underwent some changes, both in terms of the schedule and number of projects, as well as fuel type – gas blocks are now considered more and more frequently.

In the segment of renewable energy, the areas with best prospects are biomass and wind power, although government activity may partially reduce the profitability of projects in the latter.

The report presents current and forecasted trends for the realisation of the most important energy investments in the country. An important part of the report is a series of profiles of top investors in the power sector in Poland, and of the largest contractors for energy investments. The report also describes investments planned in the area of renewable energy – wind energy and biomass in particular.

Today’s economy requires businesses to keep close tabs on market activity in order to make sound decisions and maximise profits. If you are looking for the very latest and most viable data and analysis on Polish power sector construction market issues, you should read the latest PMR report Power sector construction in Poland 2011, Development forecasts and planned Investments.

The second edition of the report continues to monitor and analyse the situation in the energy investment industry in Poland. It is also a response to the demand for long-term forecasts for the power construction market from investors, contractors and producers of energy equipment. The Polish energy construction market displays great potential due to the fact that its current capacity is outdated, as well as to a large number of planned energy investments and growing interest in green energy.

The report forecasts the value of planned and realised investments in the energy sector in Poland and estimates the percentage of the investments likely to be completed. It identifies regions that offer the highest dynamics for energy investments in the coming years, describes legal challenges influencing the realisation of energy investments, alongside such key issues as capacity conditions in the Polish market and sources of financing for energy investments in future.

Power Sector Construction in Poland 2011, Development forecasts and planned Investments combines valuable business intelligence from a variety of trusted sources into one clear, concise document – ready for delivery to you in convenient electronic format.


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