Monthly Dollar Index analysis


I like this.


Please see PDF analysis file below by Syed Asad Tirmazie on Dollar Index. 

Monthly Dollar Index 20110815

about Syed Asad Tirmazie:

  •  Written two books on trading & investment plans.
  •  Written various trading & investment articles that published locally & internationally.
  •  Author of more than 100 trading & investment tools indicators, having complete right over them. The famous one is Systematic risk indicator.
  •  Written more than 2000 reports, mostly Technical’s, Fewer Economical and fewer on Fundamentals after developing Financial model on excel.
  •  Managed and handled Small to Large Net investors including Bank’s & AMC’s trading & investment portfolio.
  •  Interviewed on various Business channels like, CNBC, Business Plus, Metro TV, Ajj TV, Indus, Sun TV & PTV.
  •  Conducted trading work shop and inaugurated trading branch of the previous company in Pakistan.
  •  Managed and handled teams of trading, sales, & research departments in the firms.
  •  In decision making I solved various cases of world markets. The famous ones are intimation of risk before appearance of crises in years 2005 & 2008 respectively.

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