How department of law and enforcement does predicts?


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The department of law and enforcement is considered as the most concerning department of any country. This department provides all type of assistance for the beneficiary and well-being of a country. Also, they work to make their country great and progressed as well. While working on that they also need for the person’s identification. For performing such processes like identification department of the law take assistance by live scan.

What is live scan?

When we pay a look at the process of fingerprinting in past, we find out that this has been done by the ink process. A person’s fingerprints were being taken by the ink and then those prints were sent to the FBI. After matching those prints with the data FBI has already collected, they sent it back to the department of law. But this process was too long and time taking that sometimes it requires about the months. Least time which was required that moment was about the 6 months.

But with the passage of time and with the arrival of latest technology department of law also got much assistance. Maintaining the name of privacy and for the sake of identification they got the live scan. By means of live scan they got a device such as a printer and placing the fingers on that device can give the prints of fingers. After getting the prints they sent it to the FBI through the online system. FBI take those prints and then they match those prints to the record they have gathered. Then they send this to the department of law and enforcement back.

Features of live scanner:

The department of law and enforcement holds the best live scan in San Francisco. This fingerprint scanner has not only one quality but can depict many other operational features too. The features of this scanning technology has been revealed below:

  1. Optical recognition purpose.
  2. For the purpose of facial recognition
  3. For the purpose of fingerprint identification

These all are the options which this department has got for the purpose of identification. The main purpose of this department is to enforce the law by any order. Because this is the responsibility of the law department to make all sides effort for certainty. All of the identification needs which are done by the department of law is being confirmed by the FBI.

The method of performing live scan:

Whenever a person who is termed as a prisoner or is caught by the department of law then some of the purposes are processed. A prisoner who is being caught but his innocence or guilt is not sure then live scan is the helpful tool. For this purpose, they bring the person near to the fingerprint scanner. After that, they put his finger on the scanner. When they find the printing situation which is shown by yellow or green lights. When the light blinks then they settled the fingers of the person on the scanner. But in order to get the print in clear form they rolled his finger on the scanner so that the scanner can detect easily the prints. When this all process is done then the prints has been made sure by the concerning departments. This process is similar to the process of live scan which is being performed at UPS live scan in San Francisco. This will not take more than 2 minutes to get the prints done.

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