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I practically grew up on the stage during the existence of the Iron Curtain, eventually left my country due to the political persecution. I gained political freedom, but lost what was very dear to me, the performing arts. It felt like I was born again with the entire growth process ahead of me. And so it was. After many years of straggling and studying I have finally taken a step behind camera, and for a few dollars produced and directed my first feature. Surprisingly, the film was accepted for screening in the major film markets, such as Cannes Film Festival and American Film Market, and lastly distributed world wide. My upcoming project is a real life story from the essential part of our history. It proves that history really repeats itself; only people and place of destination change. Life of the principal character was already used as a base of a bestseller book published in the 80's, followed by a movie adaptation. The readers from all over the world are asking questions and we are answering them in the form of a motion picture.

Having audiences secured before the film is presented to them is every investor’ dream. For there isn’t investment return without audience. Understanding the audience and give them what they want at the present time is another essential factor in film industry.

We live in the time when it seems as if the Cold War never really went away. It is sitting in the air like the ominous stillness before a storm. We often ask the question, “Does history repeat itself?” Mark Twain thought that history rhymes. And he was right, as proved in our story.

True stories from the Cold War and WWII have generated some great literature and movies, and deservedly remain the most popular genre. One such movie is on the rise. The life of its character has been already portrayed in a bestselling book and its movie adaptation, both released during the Cold War or the Spy Era. This topping theme of espionage was omitted in the book and replaced by fiction. The line between reality and fiction is disturbing and the readers are seeking clarification of these two elements. The truth can be given only by the person who lived the life. And she is doing so in the form of Motion Picture that will be filmed in one of the world’s major studios.

Having pre-existing global audience in place is extremely rare opportunity for investors. The bestseller has been read by no less than 30 millions people within the 32 years. If only half of them buy theater ticket, it would generate $120 millions gross in box office. Not to mention people who saw the movie adaptation and all other moviegoers.

We ask you for participation in the film finance and thus become a shareholder of this touching film that will reach international theatrical release.

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