Companies and investors find new opportunities in Hungarian construction sector


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After a recent period of decline, the construction market in Hungary appears as though it may be poised for recovery in 2011. In response to demand expressed by the business community, PMR Publications has issued a report, developed specifically to supply news, actionable market data and analysis for use in locating emerging opportunities for investment, contracting and the manufacture and supply of building materials and construction machinery and equipment.

This report offers a comprehensive overview of the Hungarian construction industry. It analyses the current market situation in the whole industry, as well as in each of the market segments: residential, non-residential, and civil engineering construction. The publication also provides forecasts for three years, until 2013, and is further enhanced by the profiles of the largest construction companies active in the Hungarian construction market.

In order to locate and capitalize on development opportunities as they arise, you need direct access to the latest news, sharpest analysis, most reliable statistics and knowledgeable forecasting available.
Read Construction sector in Hungary 2011, Development forecasts for 2011-2013today, and refer to this report from PMR on a regular basis as you monitor market expansion and contemplate new business strategies.

The document presents data and analysis on the value of the entire market and of each segment, and evaluates key attributes including wages, prices, employment levels, numbers of active companies and market shares. Top market players are featured in extensive profiles that reveal company size, assets and plans for the future. Reports and descriptions on upcoming private and public projects are presented in convenient table format for easy access and reference.

In addition to the latest reporting on current market conditions, forecasts are of major importance for each sector. Factors that might affect the long-term health and growth of construction in Hungary are discussed and analysed, and predictions for long-term effects are given. Growth rates for the market as a whole are forecast, along with predictions for the segments expected to experience the quickest recovery and resurgence. Infrastructure development plans, major housing and commercial development initiatives and recent price fluctuations are all factored in to forecast exactly how the structure of the industry will change over the coming months and where the areas of greatest opportunity will appear.

While preparing Construction sector in Hungary 2011, Development forecasts for 2011-2013, PMR’s expert analysts have thoroughly researched all salient aspects of the market, consulted their most reliable sources and created a market guide that answers the questions of readers on all major issues with regard to both the current status and future progression of this dynamic marketplace.

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