Becoming an Author

OXSTONE wants to partner with writers and investors; who want to share their knowledge with the Oxstone community and provide their unique insights and perspectives on finance, macroeconomics, geopolitics, and businesses in markets around the world especially on emerging/frontier markets and alternative asset classes.

Benefits of being an author in Oxstone include:

  • *Earn recognition from the Oxstone capital management and be first in line for future paid employment opportunities at Oxstone Capital Management.
  • *Have an audience within Oxstone’s 4500 members
  • *Gain influence and build your reputation investment knowledge  in the world wide web
  • *Have your own personal cloud archive that stores all your research and ideas and is searchable on the internet as well as searchable on our Oxstone web site
  • *Win a FREE customized OXSTONE T-SHIRT  with a famous quote or your own personal message

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