Are there alternatives that could make good money for investors in the years ahead?


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The further we go into the 21st century, the more options we have to invest and make profit outside the usual stock investing. While it may seem suspicious at first, looking at some of the opportunities we have in our day-and-age of alternative investments and how they actually work brings about a change of heart in anyone who might have any doubts. While “alternative investments” is a vague term at best, we’re here to look at some of the better options out there that have proven to make excellent profit.

Peer lending

In translation, peer lending means cutting out the bank as a middle-man in lending and borrowing money to and from someone. Many websites nowadays provide the platform for peer-to-peer transactions with very lucrative returns. For example, if you decided to invest 1,000$ on a peer lending platform, that sum could be divided among multiple people looking for smaller amounts, thus making your return bigger than it would if it went to one person. The systems are well protected and monitored, so there’s no way of getting scammed of your money, and while it may take some time and patience for the interest to grow, this is a sure way to check out how an innovative alternative investment works.


Fine wine

Believe it or not, fine wine investing can prove incredibly profitable. The average return percentage is somewhere between 6 and 15% of your initial investment per year. However, wine is a long-term type of investment. You should be prepared to wait if you want to see high returns. Keep in mind that general prices for vintage wines fluctuate. Most sought-after types feature a reduced supply; which makes them truly valuable. Before spending any cash, get a feel of the market. Appreciate the product first, and then invest in the types that best match with the budget you have available. For your initial investment to pay off, it is important to know which vintages have potential. Bordeaux wines, Burgundy and Super Tuscans are among some of the best.

Real estate

There are more ways than one to go about this one; you could invest into real-estate yourself and refurbish it to make it hospitable for potential tenants or buyers or invest into someone looking to do that but doesn’t have the necessary budget to do so. Looking for below-market priced real-estates and investment opportunities can take a while, so be patient with your money. This is an investment field that you can’t go wrong with; people need housing, one way or another, so it’s just a matter of research and patience to pinpoint the exact residences you’d like to invest in order to make the biggest gain.



While it may seem like a hobby at a first glance, collecting specific items can gain a lot of value over a span of a few years. Whether you opt for collecting stamps, cards, coins or any other form of historic collectible; it’s a sure way to make money  when potential collectors come knocking, looking for that special item that they desperately need for their own collection. You should treat this one as a hobby at first and not get too into it because, like we’ve said, it takes years to make a profit, so choosing something that you actually enjoy collecting is a great way to do it for your own satisfaction and a potential return.


Not what you expected is it? The best investment that you can make is in making yourself more skilled at something; whether its organizational management or courses that offer special certificates that can get you a better job, investing into your own self is a great way to feel fulfilled and know that you spent your money well. Like any other investment, it will take a while to start appreciating the time and money you put into all those seminars and courses, but before you know it, your file will have a skill or two that you never thought you’d acquire, and that is a huge gain.


There are sensible types of investments you can make to live comfortable in your youth and senior years. All you have to do is start somewhere and spend money with caution.

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