6 Key Ways to Defend Your Business Against Electromagnetic Radiation Threat


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Everywhere you look in your office there is an electrical device. Unless you are working in a field, the chances are you have technology all around you. As devices become more sophisticated and more affordable, they become inseparable from our lives. While we rely on technology and electrical gadgets, we cannot ignore the fact that they may be causing significant health problems. Electromagnetic radiation (EMF) is one key concern. Electromagnetic radiation is emitted from any electrical device or from electrical power lines. Experts have linked EMFs with health problems ranging from stress to fatigue, headaches to heart disease. Given the potential dangers, take a look at ways you can protect yourself from EMF when you are at work.

Image courtesy of tuelekza/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of tuelekza/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

1. Ground to Earth
If you work in a concrete building on a computer all day, make the effort to find a piece of grass or parkland on your lunch break, take off your shoes and socks, and ground yourself through firm contact with the natural surface. It has been shown that this kind of grounding helps to minimise the effects of EMF and create a more energised and balanced energy in the body.
2. Wear a Protective Pendant
Make a protective pendant or wrist band part of your office attire. Many businesses are developing cell phone radiation protection wearables and devices to limit EMF from computers and Wi-Fi. Pendants can help to shield your body from a lot of electromagnetic radiation.
3. Protect the Office
You can go further by buying nets, paints, or shields that you can use to protect the entire office or home from the electromagnetic radiation coming out of numerous gadgets or the office Wi-Fi. Look for a reliable and professional supplier of this kind of gadget.
4. Unplug Your Appliances
Make sure that you unplug anything that is not in use, from coffee pots to printers. It may be a hassle initially to plug in a printer every time you need to use it, but it is worth it to minimise EMF and it is also less wasteful and saves more energy.
5. Be Careful with Laptops
Your laptop is operating at its highest power when it is plugged in and the battery is charging. Avoid using the laptop like this and wait until it is fully charged, unplug, and use.
6. Avoid Using Bluetooth
Don’t use Bluetooth headsets in the office. Use the speaker phone with your cell phone or headphones, and don’t use a wireless Bluetooth headset as this ramps up the exposure you get to EMF whether you are in the office or on the move.

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