Stocks That Will Win and Dominate the Sharing Economy

In the early 1990s, personal computers were just becoming ubiquitous at home and in the workplace, and the wide range […]

Top 10 IPO Candidates for 2017

By Kashif, Investment Analyst at PrivCo, a private company financial intelligence platform While several factors are involved in a company’s […]

The Ride-Sharing, Handbag-Borrowing Productivity Revival

By Aki Ito and Jeff Kearns Rayshauna Gray makes frequent trips around New England from her home in Cambridge, Massachusetts. […]

Why Does New York Hate the Sharing Economy?

By Tom Randall – Jan 13, 2014 Ask a bunch of New Yorkers where they spend their money: apartments, cars, vacation lodgings, maybe designer […]

‘Sharing economy’ moves mainstream

What’s often known as the “sharing economy” — represented by startups like Airbnb, Sidecar and TaskRabbit that match buyers with […]

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