Russia’s Uneven Drive Toward Economic Self-Sufficiency

The Kremlin is trying to steer Russia’s economy toward a more self-sufficient model by decreasing the country’s reliance on imports […]

Could sanctions spur Russia’s ascent to agricultural superpower?

MOSALSK, RUSSIA — The very first thing Alexander Sayapin has to say to a Western journalist who’s made a long trek […]

BRICS May Create Unbiased Credit Rating Agency

Experts from BRICS countries are discussing the creation of a new independent rating agency to counter the geopolitically-biased economic assessment […]

Russia’s 21st Century Malaise in Five Grim Charts

It seems Vladimir Putin’s petro state has hit a wall, with the government last week reporting economic growth at a […]

Why Russia is favourite bond investment

(By EM) Risk appetite is likely to come back to the markets early next year if the US “fiscal cliff” […]

Attraction of Russian, as well as foreign, bond investors

(EM) Starting next year, foreign investors will be able to buy and sell Russian ruble-denominated Treasury bonds, the so-called OFZ, […]

Russia fund to invest abroad

It plans to invest its capital over the next five to seven years and will exit its investment within 10-12 […]

Russian mortgage agency to float $407m worth of bonds

(RBC) Mortgage agent AHML 2012-1, a subsidiary of state-owned Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending (AHML), intends to offer three issues […]

Increase of almost 12% in Russian CFA market in 2011

The clothing, footwear and accessories (CFA) market in Russia was worth RUB 1,903bn ($64.8bn) in 2011, according to PMR’s latest […]

Construction industry in Russia sees long-awaited upsurge

The Russian construction sector finally posted some healthy growth figures in the second half of the year. In July, a […]

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